Friday, October 11, 2019

Impact of Special Education in the Society Essay

Filipinos are known to be hospitable in all circumstances, boys or girls, young or old and normal or disabled are alike. In fact, there is a law enacted only for the adjustment of the disabled people to the Philippines society. The Republic Act No. 7277 â€Å"Magna Carta for Disabled Persons† in accordance to it, it is an act providing for the Rehabilitation, Self-Development and Self-Reliance of disabled persons and their integration into the mainstream of society and for other purposes. According to Section 2 of this Law, disabled persons are part of the Philippines society. This proves that there is no gap between disabled and normal people are equal and unbiased. Balance in terms of education, health services,auxiliary social services,telecommunications,accessibility,political and civil rights and employment. If one of the stated laws is violated, there will be a corresponding penalty depending on how the rule is dishonored. This are the notion of the PWD’s in the P hilippine society when it comes to civil liberties. On the other hand, various impolite citizens desert PWD’s in the society. They criticize them by their physical appearances and their handicapped, I have seen many of those scenes in the movies. Nevertheless,today,there are many organizations that are established which aims to help the PWD’s that excels in various sports and arts. Filipinos have strong family ties. Aside from those organizations, the families of the PWD’s that excels in various sports and arts. Filipinos have strong family ties. Aside from those organizations, the families of the PWD’s are also accommodating in supporting their needs. They are the ones who are responsible for the caring and giving of love and affection to the PWD’s so that they will not feel that they are being neglected. Now a days, there are a lot of PWD’s that excels in various sports and arts. This testifies that there are no exceptions in terms of talent identification either normal or disabled. God created man as one, with equal standard of rights. What the normal people can do, PWD ’s are also capable of doing them. I have already seen people with disabilities and abnormalities. When I was in elementary, I have encountered talking to those people or students who were having abnormalities because our school was having a Sped class. I observed how they behave,socialize, work and interact with others. Some students, at  times make fun of them and usually laugh at them. And it got me thinking what would it like to be if I were in their shoe? I realized that it’s not that easy. It needs a lot of understanding and patience. To educate a special child needs a lot of patience but for me if we just understand what they are and be optimistic they will learn thing what normal students can learn, there’s a big possibility that the special kid will be educated. We should also accept them whole heartedly. Love them and care for them so that they will not feel neglected. We should treat them equally with the other normal people. Because special children knows and feel that they are being deserted and that should not happen. I have a classmate in the elementary before who is an autistic child. He was very intelligent in math. And because of that observation, I concluded that special children have special talents and knowledge. I believe that they can do what normal people can do. Special education is the way to educate special children what I have learned and what they should learn, to enhance there hidden talents and skills to excel more in other things to compete with those normal people. It is also the way to train them as good citizens and children of God. And also a way for them to know and learn the values of life so that they will know how to respect each other including the normal ones. Through special education, the parents of special children can also learn and get some ideas on how to educate their child from the sped educators because it doesn’t mean the the obligation of the parents is over and all the responsibility is handed to the educator. And through SPED, parents can apply what they have learned from the educator is their homes. because the obligation of the parents is to educate their children until the end. We are in the world of differences, both mentally and physically. But in the eyes of the Almighty God we are one. So the development of special children should be continuously taught with patience, care and love.

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