Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Counter Terrorism Operations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Counter Terrorism Operations - Essay Example If you ask, none can track my past as the commander of ‘xxx’ jihadist organization because I possess a fake personal profile (including the information disclosed in my passport). By the by, the mission authorized upon me is to conduct a bomb blast in Edinburgh, Scotland. After conducting thorough research, I did attain a conclusion that I can organize the plot with ease because counter terrorism planning in Edinburgh is comparatively ineffective. Vick (2002) stated that, â€Å"In the past, Special Operations Forces accomplished the active counterterrorism mission; conventional forces protected themselves against terrorism and provided security to civilian activities† (p.61). The most important measure to protect myself from counter terrorism operations is that I am an international tourist. I am so interested in performing arts and I wish to visit the Edinburgh International Festival. Can anyone read my mind and unearth my aim? No. As an international citizen, I c an visit Edinburgh as an international tourist, who is deeply interested in performing arts. But my aim is to warn the international community by conducting an explosion at ‘The Hub’. I am aware of the fact that the month of August is the best possible opportunity for me to conduct an explosion in Edinburgh. For instance, in August, the international tourists flow to Edinburgh to visit the Edinburgh International Festival. ... This will be most helpful for me to have direct involvement in the proposed operation. To be specific, my aim is to conduct a serial bomb blast at ‘The hub’. One can see that serial blasts defeat the disaster mitigation measures adopted by the governments. To be specific, serial blasts can kill more people and can attract international attention. Within this scenario, the government will become helpless. I selected 21 of August as the date for the proposed explosion. I did select this date because I need a little bit time to settle myself in Edinburgh. The grass root level reason behind my aim to conduct a serial bomb blast in Edinburgh is interconnected with our decision to terrorize Europe and America. Kepel (2006) opined that, â€Å"The terrorism of September 11 was above all a provocation-albeit a provocation of gigantic proportions† (p.4). Within the context of our organization, the ultimate authority (say, the leader) does not allow anyone to know more about secret plans. This preventive measure is generally adopted by our leadership to operate from distant places. Besides, this indirect involvement of our leader can prevent the governments from adopting counter-terrorism measures. On the other side, we are aware of the different tactics made use by the governments. Here, the military cannot find out any evidence on my presence because my real identity is hidden under the mask of an international tourist. In short, the reason behind the proposed bomb blast is to exhibit the strength of our organization. As pointed out earlier, my aim is to make use of the Edinburgh International Festival as a medium to create terror among the world nations. In Edinburgh, I will not make use of any specific place for boarding and lodging because this will help the

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