Sunday, October 6, 2019

Benefits of Waiting to Go to College after High School Research Paper

Benefits of Waiting to Go to College after High School - Research Paper Example It has been observed that after completing high school education, a student may wait for some time before joining the college for undergraduate studies. This waiting has a number of advantages to the student and the responsible members of the family. Firstly, the college education is increasingly becoming expensive. The tuition fee and other expenses in these institutions are far much higher than the expenses in high school education. After struggling to finance the child’s education right from Kindergarten all the way to the high school, and given the harsh financial climate that currently rocks the globe, it may be cumbersome to have the child proceed to the  college education. If the student proceeds to college with the financial difficulties, then he or she will not receive the quality of education that is desirable. In such difficult situations, it may be asserted that one does not need to attain a college education to become mature or get a good job.The financial const raints will translate into psychological problems to the student who will not be able to concentrate on the studies. The student may not access some learning materials that are useful for the studies but are purchased on the individual basis. Taking some time before joining college then provides an individual with a humble time to have financial preparation for the college expenses. Organs like the US military service provide the high school graduate a good opportunity to work as they pursue the  college education.

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