Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Analysis Of Gilles Lipovetsky s The Empire Of Fashion Essay

In Gilles Lipovetsky’s The Empire of Fashion, he describes the effect of Fashion on the practice of democracy in Western Europe. According to Lipovetsky, â€Å"Fashion unlike tradition requires free individual intervention, a singular and capricious power to disrupt the order of the appearances.† Essentially, Fashion and Haute couture have led to the support of democratic values; it is fashion that encouraged individuals to believe in self-expression. Lipovetsky establishes his arguments on the history of fashion and its symbol of rank in during the Old Regime. In France, The Old Regime was the political and social system prior to the French Revolution. Under the regime, all rights and status were divided into three estates: the Clergy, the noble and third estate, which represented the majority of people. â€Å"Members of each estate wore clothing appropriate to that estate; the force of tradition prevented the confusion of status and the usurpation of privileges of dr ess. (30)† Throughout the reading, the audience is reminded of how the dissemination of fashion into the other estates led to individual expression and democracy. Lipovetsky develops his point by connecting the rise of fashion to the rise of individuality. Lipovetsky discusses the rise of fashion in four contexts: political, social, historical and cultural. By using politics, Lipovetsky argues that political system in France, during the fourteenth century, encouraged the bourgeoisie to seek individuality and freedom. TheShow MoreRelatedFashion Marketing And Its Impact On Consumer s Design Preferences Essay2152 Words   |  9 Pagesto the market. (Oxford English Dictionary) Fashion Marketing differs from the marketing of other goods because of the uniqueness of the merchandise. â€Å"According to the Parson’s School of Design, fashion marketing is the process of analyzing, developing, and marketing current fashion trends into sales strategies.† (IJMBT) In fashion marketing, consumers are the creators by virtue of their adoption and rejection of new trends and styles. Furthermore, fashion is integral to the construction and communication

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